what companies does tractor supply own


Tractor Supply Company (TSC) is a leading retailer in the United States that focuses on providing products for the needs of farmers, ranchers, and rural customers. Over the years, they have expanded their business through organic growth and strategic acquisitions. In this article, we will explore some of the companies that Tractor Supply owns.

1. Petsense: In 2016, Tractor Supply acquired Petsense, a pet supply retailer that provides a wide range of products for pets and pet owners. Petsense operates more than 160 stores across the United States and offers food, toys, bedding, and other supplies for dogs, cats, birds, and small animals. By acquiring Petsense, Tractor Supply extended its reach in the pet market and diversified its product offerings.

2. Del's Feed & Farm Supply: Del's Feed & Farm Supply is a retail chain that offers products for farm, ranch, and home needs. In 2013, Tractor Supply acquired Del's, which operates over 50 stores in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Del's is known for its wide selection of animal feed, hardware, lawn and garden supplies, and workwear. This acquisition helped Tractor Supply expand its presence in the western US and strengthen its position in the farm and ranch market.

3. Orscheln Farm and Home: In early 2021, Tractor Supply announced its plan to acquire Orscheln Farm and Home, a retailer with more than 170 stores across the Midwest. Orscheln offers a variety of products including livestock feed, pet supplies, tools, and home improvement items. This acquisition, which is yet to close, will further expand Tractor Supply's store footprint and provide an opportunity for increased market share in the Midwest region.

4. The Original Tractor Cab Company (OTC): The Original Tractor Cab Company designs and manufactures weather protection accessories for outdoor equipment. Tractor Supply acquired OTC in 2019, adding products like tractor cabs, sunshades, and snow blowers to its lineup. The acquisition of OTC strengthened Tractor Supply's offerings in the outdoor power equipment segment and allowed the company to provide customers with comprehensive solutions for their equipment needs.

5. FFA Wholesale: In 2020, Tractor Supply acquired Family Farm & Home's wholesale distribution business, expanding its capabilities in product sourcing and distribution. FFA Wholesale services independent retailers and farm stores, providing them with a wide range of products in categories such as pet, equine, lawn, and garden. This acquisition allows Tractor Supply to leverage the expertise of FFA Wholesale in serving independent retailers and enhances its distribution network.

These are just a few examples of the companies that Tractor Supply owns. As a retailer committed to serving the rural lifestyle, Tractor Supply continually seeks opportunities to strengthen its product offerings, expand its geographical reach, and enhance its customer experience. Through these strategic acquisitions, Tractor Supply aims to solidify its position as a one-stop-shop for the needs of farmers, ranchers, and rural customers.